Complete Vegan Pregnancy Guide

Your Guide to Vegan Pregnancy + Nutrition for Plant-Based Babies

Topics Include:

  • How to Meet Increased Nutrient Needs in the Healthiest Way Possible
  • How to Choose a Safe and Effective Prenatal Supplement
  • Male Prenatal (Preconception) Nutrient Needs
  • How to Support Digestion and Decrease Bloating, Gas, and Heartburn
  • Nutrients to Be Aware
  • Example Daily Menu for Meeting Protein Needs
  • What Supplements May Be Necessary and How to Determine Quality
  • The Importance of the Gut Microbiome (For Mom and Baby)
  • Natural Nausea Relief
  • How to Reduce Exposure to Environmental Chemicals
  • Nutrients Needed During Breastfeeding
  • What to do if Breastfeeding is Not an Option
  • Do Vegan Babies Need Any Supplements?
  • What Plant-Based Milks are the Best Options for After Weaning
  • First Foods for Vegan Babies
  • Supporting Nutrition for Vegan Toddlers
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